AlCrO is the nanostructured coating and is optimised for the highest temperatures and thermal shock stability. AlCrO presents high adhesion strenght and enormous toughness even under extreme operating conditions, and reduces cutting edge fractures. 

Coating Material AlCrN
Process PVD 
Structure -
sp3 fraction [%] -
Colour light grey
Thickness 0.5 - 3 µm
Max. operating temperature [°C] 1100
Hardness [GPa] 41±4
Friction coefficient -

All provided data are approximate values, depend on the application, environment and test conditions. Coating hardness HIT [GPa] measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. Hardness can be adapted to the application. Friction coefficient (dry) compared to the steel determined by ball-on-disc dry test with a steel sphere according to ASTM G99. During the running-in the indicated values may be exceeded. Maximum service temperature [° C] These are approximate values.

High resistance to abrasion: the fine-grained nanostructure gives the coating enormous toughness even under extreme operating conditions. 
High thermal stability: AlCrO is versatile and recommended for processing in hard and dry machining (MQL) and high-speed cutting.
Protection against adhesive wear, AlCrO guarantees an exceptionally smooth and low-distortion surface quality.
AlCrO offers high performances in milling, threading and reaming operations of:
- steel alloys
- titanium alloys
- plastic molds and forming

Flexibility at customer's service.


AlCrO is is versatile and is recommended for a wide application field.