Argor HP coatings represent the point of reference in the ta-C DLC coatings range. Argor-Aljba, with its owned patented Dropless® technology, offers its customers the state of the art in terms of ta-C DLC coatings that guarantee extreme hardness, compactness of the deposited film and the absence of surface drops.

The products of Argor HP

dropless® 5000

The first step in 
dropless® technology.

dropless® 5000 provides a very thin, compact and droplet-free coating made with Argor-Aljba's patented dropless® technology.

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dropless® 5000 Plus

Flexible performance 
at the service of the customer.

dropless® 5000 Plus is the ideal solution for transverse applications from mechanical engineering to medical, aerospace and packaging. The thickness of the coating is adaptable to the customer's needs.

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dropless® 7000

The solution for
the toughest challenges.

dropless® 7000 represents the state-of-the-art in ta-C DLC coatings in terms of both deposition technology and performance.
It is the market reference for ta-C DLC coatings for micro-tools.

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Argor HP

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