The competent partner for consulting and the production of DLC coatings in many industrial and luxury sectors.


ta-C DLC coating for tools
and wear parts.

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Solutions for decorative and
technical applications.

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Argor-Aljba develops and produces nanotechnological coatings.

Solutions for industry

Solutions for industry

Friction and wear are the main factors limiting the performance and the tool life. Argor-Aljba coatings improve the tool productivity and the quality of finished products; we can coat micro-tools starting from 0.02 mm diameter.

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Diamond Like Carbon

Argor-Aljba has revolutionized ta-C DLC coatings by patenting and using innovative deposition technologies that allow to get very high technical and aesthetic performance.

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Diamond Like Carbon
Solutions for watches, jewelry and high-end accessoires of fashion industry

Solutions for watches, jewelry and high-end accessoires of fashion industry

Thanks to the experience and passion for the luxury sector, we can satisfy the most challenging requests for functional and aesthetic quality and we are always ready to customize our coatings.

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We guarantee "passion and competence" to the customer, the center of our daily work. The challenges that our customers submit to us lead us to steadily innovate and to propose cutting-edge solutions to them.


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Advice and expertise.

  • Hardness measurement
  • Roughness measurement
  • Thickness measurement
  • Adherence measurement
  • Abrasion measurement
  • SEM + EDXS
  • Report measurement
  • Corrosion measurement NSST
  • Corrosion measurement report