Argor aDLC

Argor aDLC is the a-C: H coating deposited with PACVD technology at a temperature of about 190 ° C with a standard thickness of 2-3 µm (customized thicknesses can be requested). The Argor aDLC coating has a sp3 percentage (typical of natural diamond) between 40 and 60% and is highly appreciated for its technical characteristics (hardness, scratch resistance) and aesthetic characteristics, even on components with a complex shape that cannot be coated with common PVD processes.

VDI sbbreviation a-C:H
Process PACVD
Structure Amorphous
sp3 fraction [%] 40-60
Color Black
Thickness 2-3 µm
Max. operating temperature [°C] 400
Hardness [GPa] 19-24
Fricton coefficient 0.12

All provided data are approximate values, depend on the application, environment and test conditions. Coating hardness HIT [GPa] measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. Hardness can be adapted to the application. Friction coefficient (dry) compared to the steel determined by ball-on-disc dry test with a steel sphere according to ASTM G99. During the running-in the indicated values may be exceeded. Maximum service temperature [° C] These are approximate values.

PACVD process developed by Argor-Aljba to ensure a homogeneous coating on complex shaped surfaces.
Increase of the efficiency of pump and compressor components thanks to the reduction of the energy consumption.
It resists acid and alkaline chemicals and solvents and is hypoallergenic.
Argor aDLC can be removed with a decoating process, directly developed by Argor-Aljba.